Handmade to order in Brighton, inspired by slow fashion and ethical practices

Uniquely made for you to style your way

Hanova Studio believes all clothes must make us feel good knowing how, where and who made them 

We make very little stock as this is how slow fashion operates

The made-to-order process is vital for allowing the customer to be involved and have a say in the pre-order stage for a garment.  A longer dress length or maybe a shorter sleeve or just a different size - we can accommodate these requests

The slow fashion process is a bit like baking a cake, all the ingredients are highly specific and exact. It takes a little more time but it's well worth the wait!

Each garment is pattern cut, sewn, labeled, ironed, folded and finished by the same incredibly skilled seamstress with the utmost care and attention to detail

We want to offer garments that are timeless, cross the seasons, can be layered and will be cherished by the wearer. To make you feel seen and be seen

We want to allow you to make your garment as unique as you are

Always ask and let us know what you think! Garments are made to order in 2 weeks

Striped Envelopes

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