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Ethical womens clothing dress in yellow stripe

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ethically made sustainable dress


Hanova Studio is a made to order, ethical women's clothing label.

With slow fashion at its heart,  the mission is to create clothing that is planet and people friendly. I create timeless, beautifully crafted clothes that empower the wearer to  FEEL SEEN & BE SEEN, WITH PURPOSE

Made to order ethical woemnswear

Hanova Studio creates ethical women's clothing with the consumer, garment maker, and environment front and centre

Above all, I am enthusiastic about made-to-order apparel and the good benefits a business model of this kind has on the environment.  I am a firm believer in combining style and sustainability

Furthermore, I am glad to claim that our clothing is created in a way that promotes empowerment rather than exploitation. Working with independent seamstresses who establish their own rates


It is challenging to commit to sustainable fashion choices, when we are surrounded by alluring fast-fashion. I want you to treat your clothes like wonderful friends and take good care of them. To treasure and wear on a daily basis - after all, well-loved clothing lasts! 


To embrace slow ethical choices, we have to slow ourselves down

Most people I talk to about slow fashion are enthusiastic about it. We all want to make better consumer choices, but there is no way around it - slow fashion is more expensive, and with good reason..