Being a Curator vs. being a Consumer

Being a Curator vs. being a Consumer

Consuming in necessary and enjoyable: Chefs create great meals, Musicians create great music, Designers create amazing clothes - created for us consumers to enjoy

"Think of yourself as a Curator rather than a Consumer" - Christine Koh

This quote seems practical to me. Might we acquire a mindset similar to that of a curator of a museum or gallery? Each carefully chosen piece is included for a reason, with care, and understanding of the emotional significance and complementing nature of the other pieces in the gallery. Acquired with intention and patience


I believe it can result in a deeper capacity to critically consume or rather curate — somewhat like our own wardrobes. A curator mindset would look to seek out pieces that are desired and fit in, to gradually build a cohesive and meaningful wardrobe as opposed to a consumer mindset, which could look to acquire whatever is liked in the moment

Being a curator of the things we bring into our lives could look like this:
  1. Prioritise meaning and the big picture rather than affinity for a single item, considering how a piece will interact with the rest of the items already owned
  2. Thinking where pieces come from, the materials used, who made them, and the story and creation behind that garment
  3. Acquiring items slowly and with patience putting time into finding the right one
  4. Saving and investing in pieces you love rather than impulse buying
  5. Taking care of your things so they can continue longevity and add value
  6. Considering your own lifestyle and purpose for your collection/tastes rather than trends

Art, like our wardrobes, is subjective, personal expressions of our inner world. Clothing elicits an emotional response - how we feel, how it affects our mood, what we want to convey. Textiles that we have an emotional connection with get looked after, just like good friends! Happy curating

Lisa x


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