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Zero Waste Fashion

Made-to-Order Fashion is giving garment waste the chop

Material & garment waste mountains are growing. The obvious solution to reduce garment waste is to make less clothing. It's a no brainer for small businesses like Hanova Studio to adopt a made-to-order business model. Only make what is really wanted, when it's wanted. Traditionally, this is how haute couture works. Making a garment after a customer has placed an order. This approach encourages more considered consumption and we've all learn't the benefit of a slower pace over the past 24 months!

“Care for your clothes like the good friends they are - Joan Crawford.“

Slow fashion is the focal point of the Hanova Studio brand

There's a refreshingly unhurried approach from made-to-order customers. Quite happy to wait for their breezy cotton check Kay dress or their multi tiered Nova Gown. It brings about a more human interaction knowing that the same hands have pattern cut, sewn, labelled, ironed and folded each garment made specially for each customer. Think it goes without saying that any garment you're happy to wait 2-3 weeks or more for is likely to be worn #beyond30wears and will encourage us all to be a #proudoutfitrepeater

What about all the off-cuts & zero waste?

Going for a 'zero' anything may be an impossible concept to implement, as we saw with the attempted Zero Covid policies during the pandemic. Zero waste is also something to strive for, but it is unlikely to be completely achievable. But doing something is preferable to doing nothing. Then, once you've done something, try to do it better. There is always room for improvement!

At Hanova Studio I use my smaller offcuts from the garment making process to make crafting gift swatch boxes for those keen handicrafters, quilters, up-cyclers, customisers, menders, sewists, & patchworkers. The odd shaped discarded scraps are donated to local schools for their art endeavours

Thank you for reading my journal post about slow fashion & zero waste, feel free to like this post or leave a comment

Love Lisa x

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