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We call it Fresh Luxury: F-Lux, Flux

Flux - something that constantly changes. If your likes, dislikes, attitudes, dreams, and even friends are changing all the time, you may be in flux. Everything seems to be in flux at the moment right? Not much feels very stable. At Hanova Studio HQ we have been exploring what if, the new Fresh Luxury or F-Lux becomes the future that is: Fresh Handmade Luxury. The desire to own less but a willingness to pay more for new, well-made, unique or hand made goods. The currency of luxury may become the transparency and provenance of the process. Who made it? How long did it take? Where was it made? What was used in the process to make it? Why was it made that way? How does it benefit the consumer, planet, economy, community...

As HS & Hernova are challenging the old established values and strategies of fashion, the logo or slogan tee will be the first expression of our new approach. Gone are the days of paying money for a t-shirt just to advertise someone else's logo, or flaunting a slogan because somebody buried deep in some design-by-jury stylists meeting thought that it sounded 'edgy' - the Hernova tribe know their mind, follow their path, celebrate the independence of thought and respect the views of others. "Write your own dam slogan" They shout!

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Lux soap in a wrapper
The humble bar of soap - making a comeback - keep washing your hands!

With F-lux comes the theatre of packaging and unboxing

"Unboxing (the act of unwrapping the packaging of an anticipated delivery) - is becoming the new storefront

Like simply unwrapping a bar of Lux soap...

With increased online purchasing and small businesses not having a brick and mortar store, the unboxing experience will become central to a brands identity as it will be the first time a customer interacts with anything created by a brand. In 2020, worthy not wasteful packaging will increasingly play an important role to deliver a delightful and memorable experience, even turning packaging into keepsakes of some kind of other useful use. This all goes hand in hand with our Flux thinking, we don't have a physical store (yet) so we want to make the whole experience from selecting, purchasing and receiving, an all-around pleasurable and worthwhile encounter to savour.

The next phase of the Hanova-Hersoid collaboration is the 100% organic slogan t-shirt

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