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The Politics of Pockets

A brief history lesson

"The likenesses and dissimilarities of men and women, would never be revealed until the contents of their pockets may be compared" - Virginia Yeaman, Vogue in 1918

You probably might not know but the history of the woman’s pocket is surprisingly political and has come to signify freedom & independence that women throughout history have fought to gain

From campaigns in the 1800’s for more functional clothing to the 1910 Suffragette Suit with at least 6 pockets became the rage

It’s a passionate topic, it goes on....

Cut to 1940’s War time when women donned more practical clothing with trousers and large pockets becoming the norm. Were women finally blessed with the pockets they had been campaigning for?

Enter the patriarchy and post-war woman was expected to exude femininity and get rid of the man-styles she had been wearing as a land girl. As fashion evolved and the handbag industry also began to grow, designs slimmed, pockets messed with the silhouettes and started to shrink and disappear again

From the age of skinny jeans and slim-fit jackets, pockets continue to be an elusive object for women. Designers also have a lot to answer for creating the fake pocket or pocket in pretty much all garments. I say fuck it, make it functional, we want clothes to help us go hands-free when we play outside. If it can’t fit a phone at least then it’s not good enough, pocket equality for all!

You can check out @meri.pocket on Instagram for more on the #pocketmovement

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