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Fortune Favours the Bold!

Shaft of light through a dense forest
Guiding light when there is darkness

At the time of typing, we are in the midst of the global lock-down, life is still going on albeit curtailed, challenging, scary, isolating and a lot of unknowns with the bad news that keeps coming and for a while longer. That said sometimes there's no better time to swim against the tide in the time of a crisis....fortune favours the bold!

Maya Angelou quote with Logical Progession album cover
Maya Angelou's quote taken from On The Pulse of Morning

With quieter roads, outside spaces and little or no physical human contact we are connecting in different ways at home, online, through conferencing apps and reflecting inwards asking what next?

"Are we really waiting for a return to normal or are we ready to build something new?

The Fashion Industry is taking a battering

Even before the Covid crisis, there were massive questions being raised about whether the fashion industry is still relevant in its current format. In short, the answer is no. Fast fashion, unethical, non-transparent business practices, obscene amounts of waste and overuse of planet resources have started to turn consumers off.

It makes total sense to me to generally consume less, buy less 'stuff' and make do with what we already have in the wardrobe. In times of strife, the motto may be 'admit nothing' but eventually the truth catches up and the elephant in the room is unavoidable - things have got to change and the lockdown has pushed conscious, sustainable fashion attitudes more to the mainstream. This hiatus has provided the opportunity to reassess fashion's direction of travel and now is the time to reimagine new ways of doing things. Localising manufacturing again, bringing it back home, taking care of your workers, making sure things are sourced cleanly and surpluses are disposed of correctly.

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