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My ethically made to order fashion business is 2

Yikes! I got to 24 months of business - a large part of that time in a Pandemic. What a perfectly, imperfect time to start a business!

holding a postcard that says Dream big

So what have I learn't?

Tip #1 - Start Before You're Ready

That's doing your research, applying all the knowledge and experience gained over the years. Then understanding where to best put your efforts. You don't realise how much you know until you start, but always play to your own strengths

Tip #2 - Know Your Why

Yes this one is so important. There are many reasons why people start their own businesses; personal satisfaction, creative independence, financial autonomy, flexibility - the list goes on. Yet all of these have one thing in common. At the core, they all are about freedom. The freedom to chart your own path, to offer a product or service that does business differently in my case. It's invigorating not to have someone standing in your way, yet all the pressures of success and failure rest firmly on me - I'm ok with that as I know failure is part of success and that's how we grow

"She Who has a Why can Endure Any How" - Frederick Nietzsche

Tip #3 - Don't follow all the industry experts/content creators/social media gurus

In a single word: Draining. This one took me a long time to realise. There is so much great, and not so great advice out there that it takes some time to figure out which voices to follow and listen to and then niche down a bit; otherwise, it's just too overwhelming. Switch off the noise sometimes and go with your instinct, you don't have to conform all the time

Tip #4 - Be passionate about what you do

Linked to knowing your why - become enamoured with the entire process. Whatever journey you're on, it's important to remember that it's not just the destination that matters, but also the people you're travelling with. Great things don't come from being comfortable either, so get comfortable with being uncomfortable - I've still got to get used to doing the whole talking in front of camera thing. I roll my eyes and think not today. That's one my goals for this year - to get over myself and just get on with it!

Don’t Forget it's mean't to be fun too

So, in terms of gratitude, today I am grateful for where the journey has taken me so far... I'm doing something that makes me happy and that I enjoy doing; otherwise, what's the point? Thank you to everyone - Hanova Studio customers, community members, friends, family, Instagram and Facebook supporters - without you, none of this would be possible. (Apologies, I've just re-posted this as had glitchy goings on to deal with)

Have a lovely relaxing Sunday cheers, Lisa xx 🥂

Feel free to like or leave a comment below. Thank you 🫶🏼

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