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One month on after HS launch..

The business of getting down to business. Thanks to one and all for FOLLOWING on socials or SIGNING UP for newsletters

Tying the front of the Milano Shirt dress
The Milano Shirtdress in Maroon Fiesta

Working on a new design for the HS collection

kimono noun [ Kuh-moh-nuh, -noh ]

1) a loose, wide-sleeved robe, fastened at the waist with a wide sash, characteristic of Japanese costume. 2) a woman's loose dressing gown.

The inspiration....

...Work in progress:

the design of a new kimono top/shrug for the Hanova Studio collection. Inspired by a much-loved wardrobe fave originally produced by Primark but bought from a charity shop over 7 yrs ago...

The Hanova Studio kimono will feature a longer silhouette, with short sleeves and consist of continuous pieces of fabric to style out the kimono drape effect. New fabrics have been sourced especially for this piece also inspired by the original kimono jacket colour palette. Sample nearly ready for luxury collection!

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