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New Kefi Top launch with zero waste in mind

What do ethical fashion manufacturing brands do with all the fabric scraps/off cuts/remnants?

It is critical to ensure that when a garment is pattern cut to be sewn, the placement and fabric waste are optimised. There will invariably be off cuts of various shapes and sizes with additional potential. Smaller offcuts are frequently used to make accessories such as scrunchies, scarves, and hair ties. Sometimes the larger pieces are carefully folded and set aside while waiting for inspiration to use them for something significant. Here the seed for the Kefi Top concept was planted.

Only using 1 metre of fabric, this was an ideal solution for the larger fabric scrap off-cuts

"K E F I [ke-fi] Greek (n.) the spirit of joy, in which good times and passion for life is expressed"

It's a late-summer addition to the collection that, despite being sleeveless, can be easily layered with a top underneath. The Kefi top is being made by a new seamstress, and I allowed her to sample and develop the piece on her own time - all in the spirit of slow fashion, of course. Her work is flawless and of an extremely high and skilled standard 🧡

With the launch of this new style, I decided to make a batch of in stock pieces in a variety of off-cut fabrics and sizes. I will continue to do the same with different styles every few weeks. This is a ready to ship option and the Kefi Tops are priced at £55

The Kefi Tops are also available made to order, with this option being added to the website next week. If you have any questions, you can email me: or reach out via social media

Enjoy your weekend, Lisa x

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