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Next phase after launch..but then, a pause..

Firstly I want to acknowledge the heaviness of the past few weeks which has affected everyone and everything as it feels like the world has turned upside down. There is, (still) the ongoing awareness and progressive action around the environmental impact of the Fashion Industry on the planet. Then came the Pandemic which shone a light on how relevant the Fashion Industry is in its current state. As air travel was grounded, supply chains interrupted, big brands cancelled orders passing the financial burden to the most vulnerable people at the bottom of their supply chains impacting front line workers and their communities. Finally, the BLM movement exploded in the States and bought into sharp focus judgements on human behaviours, compassion, understanding and action and how all these events are intrinsically and unavoidably intertwined. The dawn of change is very real and I have been reflecting on how the rest of 2020 will unfold...

I quietly launched a new design for the HS collection

Hanova Studio's Obi Kimono top in Pictura brush stroke print viscose fabric
Obi Kimono - the simplicity of shape and drape
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo Da Vinci

When you don't want a structured, uptight, fussy garm to wear opt instead for a versatile, easy to wear, yet eye-catching piece. A version of the kimono style was always going to feature in the HS collection and it was all about getting the fabric right. Viscose, aka Rayon, is the perfect match. Known as a manmade fabric, different to a synthetic fabric in that it is made from plant-based material. Viscose fabric generally comes in a few different finishes and the viscose I have used here is a challis. Breathable, drapeable simplicity! The Obi Kimono is available in One Size is made to order & specially crafted by my amazingly talented seamstress one garment at a time in any of the viscose fabric options. So it's Friday again and the weekend is nigh. Happy Midsummer!

Love Lisa x

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