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It's taken me this long to realise and have the confidence that I can go it alone and create and own it. Just bloody get on with it then!

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Starting with a career in Finance (became increasingly dull) then switched to Head Office roles within Retail. With experience at Laura Ashley, Warehouse and Ted Baker under my belt, I then had to face one of those life-changing bumps in the road - a big one, the loss of a parent aged 26. That was it, I changed my boyfriend, my job and bought my first flat in London. Unfazed and unfettered I then jacked it all in to go traveling with my boyfriend of 8 months, (now partner). Opportunity and timing you see, are sometimes elusive friends. It found me at the right time and I left the country and fully embraced what opportunity and timing gifted me.

Motivational / Thought provoking quotes
Motivational / Thought provoking quotes

Ideas & Wisdom

Thunder, lightening, rain & rays. Lampshades on trees and do as you please....woodland spaces, smiley faces and happy places”

Being surrounded by so many friends and family who are creative, self-employed, entrepreneurial, run their own businesses, work hard play harder - yet we all want to enjoy the same experiences in life; there is alignment. We essentially want to enjoy the fun and down-times be it traveling, festivals, innovating or just hanging out with our nearest and dearest.

Now let's talk about the safety net of being PAYE. Yes, it has its obvious upsides especially when working for a small, independent business that was flexible whilst bringing up the kids. My champion upside was that I learnt everything I essentially needed to step outside of PAYE and start something for myself.

Frustrations, disappointments, missed opportunities (the old elusive friend again) started to increase. It was time to think beyond that particular small, limiting employment horizon but it had given me the experience and inspiration to start doing something for myself - my way. I had been collecting more than a starter pack on how to run a small business. In my view, I believe you can only push as far as possible until you recognise that your performance and growth are being hindered if you don't that the leap. I am not a designer, I am not a seamstress but the experience of working in retail big and small and a genuine interest in fashion, trends and the changing landscape of the fashion industry now more than ever, spurred me on to break outside of the PAYE mould and go it alone. As a One Girl Band, Girl Boss - slow, soulfully and on me, myself and I terms.

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