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It ALL began with a PICTURE...

It all starts with a name. I came up with the name for my business by just looking around where I live. A really vibrant part of Brighton where everyone and everything mixes and mingles (mostly) without a hitch. The colourfully painted houses, the strong sense of community spirit, the diversity, the creativity, all the rants and bants about parking, the weather, cats, dog poo all made it mean something. Hanover is the area I reside. I have this lithographic print called 'Rear Window' in my bedroom bought from a then, local artist, Rachel Eardley. It depicts a steep hill in Hanover called Southover Street with tightly packed terraced houses so I wanted to use the Hanover but with a Nova ending. Nova means new in Latin. Han also because it forms part of Handmade and the abbreviation How About Now? So the name was born. I had started on the curve of that Hill in Hanover and began planning more...

A line drawing image of a rear window looking out over Southover Street
Rachel Eardley - Rear Window

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