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Hanova Studio into the 2021 Groove

How was January for you? I do like the feeling of turning a new month corner as it feels a little closer to Spring and all things changing a-new with the added hope of this limbo being less limbo. For now, it's getting colder and there's snow for some so a bit of Hanova hibernation here!

In the studio, the Nova Gown got the final seal of approval, the best selling emerald cranes fabric re-stock finally arrived (supplier worked hard to sort out the ‘stuck at border’ issue) and I picked up a new dress design sample. More details to follow in the next week or so as the sampling is finalised.

As I mostly hang out on Instagram (& Facebook), I mostly post content there, so I am starting to add it to the journal/news here too. I know not everyone is on Instagram or even on social media at all, so I wanted to remind the growing HS Community what Hanova Studio stands for, its values and how the brand is evolving in these protracted times.

I want the clothes you decide to buy new to fit into your lifestyle and to make the wearer feel fabulous! Hanova Studio is not 'fast fashion. The clothes are incredibly well made by one or two local seamstresses who live locally to me in Brighton. The made to order process can take around 2-3 weeks from order date to dispatch date - sometimes less depending on volumes and workloads. Seamstresses are paid as per their well-deserved rate, skill and intricacy of each garment. It is all about quality, not quantity. I want to create timeless designs for women who want to invest in garments with longevity without compromising on an individual's sense of style. The love of print and pattern, minimalist or maximalist, will find its way into each piece, to make the wearer be seen and feel seen.

I can make your garment to your desired length if you want a garment longer or shorter than the standard offering. I do not make much stock-keeping waste to a minimum and fabric offcuts are either donated to other groups or used to make accessories. I design garments to be layered and worn trans-seasonally. Versatility is key. The designs can be made for all body shapes and all requests are welcome. I will be releasing new designs throughout the year adding a trouser style, a jacket and a skirt. Slow and steady wins the race!

If you have any questions do message me

My Instagram handle is @hanovastudio and Facebook is /hanovastudio if you wish to follow me on socials

Thank you for your ongoing support, signing off for some Netflix in front of the wood burner. Love Lisa x

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