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Finding my Why : Finds the Way

Knowing what my version of success is drove my determination to get the project off the ground. It's working for myself, on my terms, totally accountable, full creative process, risks and rewards all on me. This is mine why. This is my belief and mantra.

I knew I wanted to do something for myself by myself, to be a solo-preneur and needed to have the courage to take flight so I gathered my options and set about making a plan....

Ballerina Active Sindy doll
Active Sindy

I remember when I was a kid I dreamed of being a ballet dancer. I LOVED my Active Sindy, played with her for hours pretending it was me. So I started dancing anyway, got into the Kids from Fame (obsessed) and so it went on. I even took GCSE Contemporary Dance. Although I never reached prima status I loved everything about the performance, structure, creativity and above all, the confidence it gave me. I was actually quite good at it and it felt good. So I channelled my inner Sindy and applied this as part of my determination. If you are gonna love it - do it!

The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

#blink #malcomgladwell

Then came my BLINK moment. I began reading Blink by Malcom Gladwell as recommended by a lovely lady @lizcookcharts whilst we were away on a yoga retreat in Turkey. We talked about fashion and we were both aligned with a style of dress we agreed is universally suited to everyone. I already had this style of dress in my repertoire as I knew it was the 'one' that would start the Hanova Studio brand. Sometimes you just know without analysis, procrastination or over-thinking. It's a gut, intuitive, unconscious thought - all in the blink of an eye.

Alignment is so important to be bold enough to let go of things as they were, to have faith in yourself. I started to employ practices that enabled me to lean into that faith and find this calling. You may also know about Fashion Industry.

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