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Anyone been out out to the shops?

Walking back into a shop again and browsing for new clothes just feels a bit strange after 3 months of closure. On my outing, there were still signs of Easter as everything was left in suspended animation. It was quiet, hand sanitiser was everywhere and the only queues I saw were for banks and TK Maxx. It seems shopping for stuff pales into insignificance when the people of the world are working on dismantling systematic racism, inequality and privilege, bracing themselves for a possible second wave of the virus, worrying about livelihoods and the economy and generally wondering when all this will end.

It all seems a bit surreal stepping back into the retail experience questioning whether I even need to buy anything and where, I would in fact, wear it? The future of retail will surely need to adapt to shoppers' new mindsets. We've been used to shopping more online and re-discovering our small, local businesses.

As some of the bigger retail players will fade it is now a great opportunity for these small businesses to thrive and continue the momentum they've enjoyed. As we begin to emerge from lockdown, we want to cheer ourselves up, make ourselves feel better, socialise again, celebrate birthdays and I hope that we continue to look beyond the one-stop shop to inspire and get us thinking differently about how and where we make our purchases in the future.


a bolt of fabric in ochre leopard print viscose
Leopard Print: timeless, seasonless classic
"My weakness is wearing too much leopard print" - Jackie Collins

Could take the less is more option with this trend, or go all out JC style - whatever makes you feel good!

Leopard print is a kind of neutral, goes with anything and I chose this version of leopard (above) for its ochre background and pink accents. This is a limited edition print and will be available in the Ottowa Crossover top and Obi Kimono.

I had a comment from @mrshersoid on the @hanovastudio Instagram feed suggesting a t-shirt dress in this print. It's a fine idea and one I will keep in the virtual design rotates as it already features on my mood board with this image. There's so much more to come!

Have a great week and take a walk on the wild side.

Love Lisa x

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