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2023 starts with a slow fashion sale

We're nearly at the end of January and I've just realised I haven't updated the journal. I guess time flies when you're having fun at the beginning of the year- so much to do and yet, what's the hurry?

Into the last two weeks of the sale and i'm offering an extra 10% off SALE prices - use code:TAKEANOTHER10 at checkout 🧡

Clearing out the archive and sample sale rail, there are some lovely pieces to be had before February and the unveiling of new things, planning for the months ahead, which includes signing up for a few markets and fairs throughout the year - a first for Hanova Studio

'WOTY' - Word of The Year

This year for me is EQUANIMITY:

The ability to remain calm, composed, and balanced in the face of life’s challenges

Because resolutions and goals can shift, choosing a word of the year can be more adaptable and serve as a gentle reminder of your yearly focus. Learning to strengthen the presence of inner calm and well-being in life is especially important because, as we all know, it's easy to get thrown off balance with everything going on in our daily lives and the ongoing uncertainties and complexities on the global stage

As other small business owners will probably agree, while we cannot control all the successes, crises or failures, we can control how we respond and recover from setbacks when faced with bumps in the road on our unfolding journey

Equanimity is also the ability to maintain confidence, vitality and integrity. It is the ability to be a paper boat in the middle of a rough ocean, bobbing up and down with the waves, unafraid of getting wet

So, for me, I'll focus on not judging any brewing storm as good or bad; whatever happens, I'll respond by letting things unfold as they will. Managing all situations with equal awareness and attention, letting go of preferences and judgements - at least, that's the plan!

Got a WOTY? Why not share in the comments

Lisa x

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