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2022 Begins

How was 2021 for you, a bit like Groundhog day?

I mentioned in my last newsletter of 2021 that the year felt more like a triathlon than a marathon. A lesson about perseverance and resilience. That, along with uncertainty, exhaustion, melancholy and inertia, is how I'd sum up the year. I have no means of comparing years that are devoid of such constant obstacles because I have only had a business through a pandemic. One thing I've learned is to take things at my own pace, not to compare myself to others, to reach in more and focus on the essence of my business

'WOTY' - Word of The Year

This brings me on to my Word of the Year: which for me is AWAKEN

"In our lives recently, there has been a scarcity of magic, fantasy, faith, and spirituality due to an overload of reality."

Awaken from the inertia, awaken from the monotony, the scarcity mindset and the belief that what is now must be accepted. The newness of January sparks meaning and awakens creativity with a renewed drive to feel a connection with the threads and yarns that make up our daily outfits, whether new or old. So January is Hanova Studio's time for getting the creative flow on; putting a mood board & colour palette together, sourcing and buying new fabrics, developing design ideas AND taking in plenty of outdoors fresh air and radical rest along the way!

Do you have a WOTY? You can share in the comments below if you like!

Quote by Alexander McQueen
What he said 🙄

Happy weekend and pat yourself on the back - the first week of January done!

Lisa x

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