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Cutting Fabric

Made to Order

We do things differently at Hanova Studio as most of the garments are Made to order - not off the peg. We only make what is needed keeping the idea of sustainable fashion front and centre

Is the garment bespoke & made to fit me exctly?

That is Made to Measure a different process ​altogether Made to order means the garment making process kicks in as soon as an order is placed

How long does it take and where are the pieces made?

I state around 2 weeks from order date to dispatch date and all garments are made in Brighton UK helping to minimise the carbon footprint

What is the thinking behind making garments this way?

In a nutshell: This is SLOW FASHION, only making what is wanted, no holding stock that may not sell, less waste, Quality over quantity

How can I keep updated on new fabrics & designs?

You can click here to sign up to the Hanova Studio newsletter and also follow us on Instagram and join the wider community

Size Guides

The sizing of the garments is the size of the garment itself.  I make the sizes available in S, M, L etc.. as this gives a range of sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.  The silhouettes are relaxed and not structured like a tailored or fitted piece

I can't see a size that would be suitable what happens now?

I try and cater for all body shapes and aim to be as size inclusive as possible. You can email me with your requirements and you'll be asked to provide some information about your current dress size and a couple of key measurements - we'll take it from there

What's the best way to gauge my size for a Hanova Studio piece?

Each product will have a description of how the style fits and I always state the dress size and height of the model wearing each garment. As the silhouettes fall into the relaxed / comfortable fit category, it will usually be about 5cm larger than your own body measurement. Also, depending on how you want to wear the garment - looser or tighter consider sizing up or down

Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine


We are not all made equal and what suits one person as a standard length may not be right for another. This is where customisations come in. Small made to order businesses can easily pitch this idea to customers to remind them that requests can be factored into how your garment is made at the point of ordering. No more after purchase alterations!

What sort of customisations can I request?

Essentially length of garment. Plus sleeve length has also been a requested. Most designs can have minor customisations - please do just ask

Does it cost any extra?

Nothing at all. Gratis! All part of the service

How do I request a customisation?

There is a text box on the relevant garment pages where requests can be made for customisations. You can also email me direct message on social media and via WhatsApp

Can I have a garment made up in any fabric on the site?

Yes you can subject to availability. The idea is that the fabrics span the designs & product styles. There may be one or two exceptions but you can contact me here to ask