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Cutting Fabric

Made to Order

We do things differently at Hanova Studio as most of the garments are Made to order - not off the peg. We only make what is needed keeping the idea of sustainable fashion front and centre

Size Guides

The sizing of the garments is the size of the garment itself.  I make the sizes available in S, M, L etc.. as this gives a range of sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.  The silhouettes are relaxed and not structured like a tailored or fitted piece

a curly tape measure
Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine


We are not all made equal and what suits one person as a standard length may not be right for another. This is where customisations come in. Small made to order businesses can easily pitch this idea to customers to remind them that requests can be factored into how your garment is made at the point of ordering. No more after purchase alterations!