HANOVA SHRUG  (Formerly Obi Kimono)

Made to order from beautiful, drapey viscose print fabrics,  the Hanova Shrugs are one size and will fit XS-XXL

A perfect trans-seasonal staple for layering and styling your way. From beach to BBQ, desk to dancefloor


Why I am not using "Kimono" anymore

I launched the Obi Kimono last summer as the first short sleeved piece in the Hanova Studio collection.  It seemed fitting to name the garment a kimono as it it often used to describe a flowing, draping garment.

However it was brought to my attention about the use of  'Kimono' for a product name as cultural appropriation. The issue is that the kimono has influenced western fashion for decades and designers have seemingly reduced valuable elements of Asian culture to fashion items while being unaware of the historic and cultural values behind these garments and traditions. The kimono is a garment of deep cultural significance in Japan and rich in history. 

Using the name Obi Kimono as a product name when it has nothing to do with Japanese culture is insensitive and culturally inappropriate

I have therefore renamed the garment the Hanova Shrug and I have removed the word kimono from my website and marketing. It is more important than ever to remember the past and take steps, both big and small, to rid ourselves and our society of subtle prejudice and blatant racism alike and choose to protect cultures and not exploit them. #KimOhNo