Rear Window lithogrpahic print by Rachel Eardley

Hanova Studio officially began life on 01.01.20 this small independent womenswear label was borne out the idea from the owner's hometown of Hanover, Brighton.  A play on words - HAN: How About Now? & NOVA meaning new, a bright herald the beginning of my new slow fashion brand.


Designed and handmade to order in Brighton. I want to be able to answer the question when someone asks: Who Made My Clothes? This is my purpose. Well made clothes, made for comfort, trans-seasonal that are introduced throughout the year to be styled and layered your way

From my home in Brighton, I design each piece, I do the web design & development, create the content for social media, source all the fabrics, I am my own muse (for now) and I pack and dispatch all orders.  I work with 2 amazing local seamstresses who bring the creations to life.


I use some deadstock fabrics and where possible and have started exploring the sustainable side of fabric sourcing. I am still learning and evolving

The line drawing is a scene of one of the many hilly roads in Hanover, Brighton - Southover Street which formed part of the inspiration to get started on my own. Using the hill analogy to start the climb until I finally reach the top.  With classic and vintage styles in focus with one of my favourite trends - Sports Luxe, I want to bring a sense of fun, attitude femininity and empowerment with my little start-up brand. Keeping in mind the values of a slow and steady approach to fashion -consciously. 

Collaborating with like-minded people, friends, other local businesses and listening ands learning from the experts in my niche



sustainablE PROCESS

Hanova Studio's aim is to offer made to order pieces that have longevity and are trans-seasonal

This is also reflected in our fabric choices, production processes, packaging and zero waste ethos. All sweatshirts are 100% organic cotton Earth Positive

earth positive.jpg


At Hanova Studio the design and manufacture of each individual made to order piece ensures absolute quality and attention to detail in the production process. This ensures that your garment will accompany you for a long time, and will still look great after many wears. Valuing a garment more is key to a better, exciting and sustainable Industry 


Hanova Studio acknowledges the importance of working with others collaboratively and co-creatively. We celebrate the independence of thought and respect the views of others in an ever-changing fashion retail space. Hanova Studio values the input and feedback from customers, suppliers, industry experts and seamstresses.